Expand the market, increase your profits and get exclusive offers

✓ 28 years on the market ( experience)

Triol Corporation has been successfully manufacturing high-technological products since 1993. We are constantly growing and developing new solutions for industrial world. Our team is more than 1,000 high-qualified professional. We are a reliable Partner for over 50 partner companies all over the world. We are fully focused on new engineering solutions, technology development and always forestall the time!

✓ trusted reliable brand

Quality and reliability are synonyms of Triol equipment! In addition, we provide worldwide service and cooperate with service Partners. Triol Corporation is a fast solution to any difficulties that may appear.

Our competitive advantages

Price advantage

Projects registration and long-term cooperation

Quality service

Co-participating in exhibitions

Short delivery time

Partner Employee Training

Spare parts warehouses

Free product samples

Negotiation assistance

Full production cycle

Opportunity to visit manufacturing area


Being a Partner with Triol Corporation means expanding your business and transferring it to a new level! We constantly perform competitive analysis and offer special discounts for our Partners. Our products are a guarantee from 1 to 2 years. We provide quality service and can train your employees to provide service independently. We developed a whole service training program that we’re advancing every day. We carry out joint commissioning and field trips. We provide engineering and technical support at all stages of the purchase and sale of our equipment. The maximum production time of any product in any quantity is 120 days. With Triol, you’re a certified and an authorized dealer. Become a Triol Corporation dealer today!

Dealer Certificate

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With Triol Corporation, your business is always in trend, and you can easily increase your share! We provide distributors with deferred payment. In addition, every day we analyze the market and provide individual special discounts for products. In the distributors program, we provide service and maintenance of equipment around the world. Convenient interaction with the customer service, prompt solution to any difficulties, assistance and engineering support 24/7. Expand your capabilities with Triol Corporation!

Distributor Certificate

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Due to the numerous implementation of our equipment worldwide, the interest in service partners around the world is growing more every day. Stably operating high-quality equipment needs routine inspection and maintenance annually. That is why we are ready to train your specialists and issue a certificate to the company that you are an official representative of the service. Become our service partner and get the full training of your employees in the maintenance, diagnostics and repair of our equipment, all technical documentation and technical support. Your company will become a part of a successfully developing infrastructure!

Service Partner Certificate

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Special program with a fixed percentage of sales! Become our representative in your area and increase your revenue with Triol Corporation. Unique solutions for the oil and other industries, the implementation of individual products for projects, innovative solutions for each Customer. With our company you gain a full portfolio of services for the end Customer - engineering calculations, production, after-sales service and support at all stages of the sale. Expand your capabilities with us today!

Agent Certificate

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