Triol AT24 VFD

31 / 12 / 2019 188 Views
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Variable Frequency Drives Triol AT24 are the universal and fundamental solution for a wide range of industrial sectors. We’d like to share some experience and success implementing Triol AT24 VFD DW line.

We can proudly say that the complete device Triol AT24 VFD DW line successfully drilled two wells with our Customer “Uralmash NGO Holding” LLC!

The equipment is used as part of drilling rigs. The design is made in the form of a modular all-welded insulated container. All the VFDs, auxiliary devices, auxiliary mechanisms, control system cabinets, as well as climate control and fire alarm systems are mounted inside the container.

Two VFDs Triol AT24-M32-690-SD were used as the main drives of the drilling rigs. Triol frequency drives provide high precision control of the speed and torque of the rig’s mechanisms with and without speed feedback sensors. Also, there is an exceptional operating algorithm “Master-Slave” implemented in the VFD.

VFD operated non-stop for two months. During this period, three wells were drilled with a depth of 3 to 3.5 km. At that, both vertical and horizontal drilling was performed. Also, we note that the entire installation is mobile and it was moved between wells without difficulty.

As a result, we received “our star in the well” for the operation of the quality product.

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